Cat-eyes are never out of fashion.

Cat-eye makeup is one of the most classic looks that has been popularly followed for decades. It’s one of the most iconic make up styles of Old Hollywood bombshells like Marilyn Monroe and beauty icons like Brigitte Bardot.\r\n\r\ncateyecateyesBlack eyeliner, smoky eye shadow and mascara are essential to creating this dramatic sexy\r\n\r\nThe one and only eyeliner I am faithful to is Artliner Eyeliner by Lancome. I’ts deeply black and long-lasting, a liquid formula with a smooth felt tip applicator.\r\n\r\nSam Hessamian photocateyes2mod bob hairstylecateyesCatherine Deneuve.catherine deneuveBrigitte Bardot.brigitte bardot cateyes1Kate Moss Vanity Fair.Kate-Moss-Vanity-Fair