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I’ve been obsessed with tattoos ever since I got my first.\r\n\r\nSome inspirations…\r\n\r\nRihanna’s tattoo of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti-one of the most famous women of the ancient world-an icon of feminine beauty. Shot by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone.Rihanna by Terry RichardsonRihanna-For-Terry-Richardson-2For GQ Magazine.Rihanna for GQ magazineBambi Northwood-Blyth and her bambi tattoo.Bambi for Spell and Gipsy CollectiveCintia Dicker. Love her tattoos. And she is so incredibly beautiful.936full-cintia-dickerlaza+e+cintiaIsabeli Fontana. Angel wings and her son’s name (Zion).isabeli fontana tattoosisabeli fontana tattooisabeli fontana wings tattooFeathers. Symbolic to dreams. One conclusion to this meaning is how the feather is usually portrayed in the dreamcatcher. When you think about a feather, it has the ability to travel and move freely in life. It is believed that white feathers in dreams symbolize a fresh start spiritually.\r\n\r\nErin Wasson and her feather tattoo.  Flair 2006.75105_erinwasson_flair_november2006_tesh_04_122_314lo1Birds are symbolic to freedom, love and soaring heights. Getting the birdies inked on body could be a way of personifying your inner free spirit. If you wish to carry the expression of your flying-high instinct in the form of a body art, a bird tattoo could just do you the full justice.bird-tattoo2bird tattoobird tattooFahrani Empel.Fahrani Empel photographed by Gavriel Maynard 1Fahrani Empel tattoos1Fahrani Empel owl tattoofa empel tattoosRussian model Anja Konstantinova and her cute Matryoshka (Russian Doll) and dinosaur. Shot by Pierre Toussaint for Oyster # 92Anja Konstantinova shot by Pierre Toussaint for Oyster 92.Anja for Wildfox Swim.anja konstantinova cat tattooanja konstantinovaThe Star is a symbol of truth, spirit and hope. Their very existence speaks to the struggle against the forces of darkness and the unknown, and their fixed nature brings the suggestion of order and destiny, and it is on this structure that astrology is founded. In the Tarot, “The Star” is the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana, which signifies hope and the uniting of spirit with matter though the mediation of the soul. Catherine McNeil Numero#90 February 2008.catherine mcneil star tattoo\r\ncatherine mc neilCatherine McNeil by Collier Schorr for i-D Magazine pre fall 2013.catherine mcneil by collier schorr for i d magazine prefall 2013Erin Wasson. erin wasson ink backLow Luv Campaign Spring 2012.erin wasson tattoos2\r\nFreja Beha Erichsen.freja beha erichsen tattoosfreja beha erichsen lightning tattooMarhgaux Lonnberg.