Shredded t-shirts

Since Raquel Allegra made her first shredded t-shirt collection for Summer 2009, many fashionistas and smaller labels like Obesity And Speed have imitated the style and technique of unravelling soft, secondhand t-shirts to sheer fashion pieces.\r\n\r\nshredded obesity_speed\r\nRouge et Noir on Caroline’s Mode.\r\ngrey shredded topObesity And Speed.obesity-speed-shred-blackRaquel Allegra.raquel allegra runwayRaquel Allegra Butterfly top.\r\nfartechRaquel Allegra.\r\n\r\nraquel-allegra-top\r\nKate Lanphear.Kate Lanphear shredded top\r\n\r\nDe [i] lish  Shredded T-shirt black.\r\n\r\nshredded top black1\r\nshredded top black backgrey shredded top2Raquel Allegra long sleeve sweater.\r\n\r\nyoox allegraErin WassonErin Wasson shredded topKhloe Kardashian Odom                                  Gwen Stefani\r\nKhloe Kardashian Gwen Stefani\r\n\r\nShredded t-shirts create attention-grabbing, fancy, gritty, chic and sexy looks all at once. With just a couple materials and a few simple steps, you can easily customize a T-shirt. Cut the bottom of the shirt right above the stitching. Using small scissors make holes along the edge, and pull the threads.\r\n\r\nshredded t-shirt2shredded t shirt1\r\n\r\n\r\nWARNING : Shredding t-shirts is highly addictive !

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