Rock Star wives and groupies

Jane Birkin, an English actress and singer, 1960s wild child, lover of the French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg.Jane Birkin 2Jane Birkin 1Jane Birkin 3Jane Birkin 4Uschi Obermaier-a name which for many Germans is synonymous with 1960s student rebellion-the free-living and free-loving late 1960s social experiment  Kommune 1.  The erotic symbol of the counterculture, the pop icon of the sixties and seventies, a model, film star, groupie and lover of Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.Uschi Obermaier, 1969Uschi Obermaier 2Uschi Obermaier & Rainer Langhans, 1969.Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans1Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans 2Uschi Obermaier and Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones 1975 tour.Uschi Obermaier and KeithAnita Pallenberg, an Italian-born actress, model and fashion designer. She had affairs with the Rolling Stones multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Brian Jones and later with Keith Richards, the guitarist of the same band.Anita Pallenberg 1Anita and Keith Richards.Anita Pallenberg 2The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Keith Richards with Anita Pallenberg in a departure lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport 1968.Anita Pallenberg 3

Kate Lanphear

With her razor-sharp platinum locks and androgynous, punked out look, inspired by Catholic iconography, skateboarding and Norwegian metal bands, the American Elle style director is a fashion world fixture and a style icon.\r\n\r\nPrevious to working in the United States, Kate worked for eight years in Sydney at Vogue (Australia) and Harper’s Bazaar (Australia).   She then returned to the USA where she landed a role at Harper’s Bazaar. It wasn’t long before she was offered the role of senior fashion editor at Elle and then style director.\r\n\r\nShe thinks of herself as a fashion geek, claiming her style is more “potluck”.\r\n\r\n“You can use fashion to hide, but it’s only magic when you use it to express who you really are.”“My closet, however, is filled with studs, chains, rock ‘n’ roll T-shirts, and black skinny jeans. The clothes that feel most like my own skin are the ones that are a little aggressive, a bit punked out: Balenciaga shoes and YSL blazers—I could blow my life’s savings on Givenchy and Alaïa.”Kate Lanphear 1Kate Lanphear New York Fashion WeekKate Lanphear 12Kate Lanphear 2Kate Lanphear 3“If you asked me who my style icons were, I’d say I began with old-school heavy metal. I love the androgyny and the glam. In high school I covered my bedroom walls with Axl Rose posters. Appetite for Destruction was out, and I trailed Guns N’ Roses’ tour bus in my Honda Civic. I had these amazing, skinny, tight-enough-to- cut-off-your-circulation acid-wash jeans with an inky blue plastic zipper that ran up the seam, purchased at Spencer’s Gifts at the mall. I had begged my mom for them. They were part of a look: slouchy suede boots, oversize suede jacket, outrageous jeans. Breaking the suburbatopian mold by wearing metalhead garb definitely wasn’t something one did to fit in with the cool kids in Fairfax, Virginia.”Kate Lanphear 4Kate Lanphear 5Kate Lanphear 6Kate Lanphear 7Kate Lanphear Accessories 2Kate Lanphear 8Kate Lanphear 9Kate Lanphear AccessoriesKate Lanphear 11\r\n\r\nSource:,

Edie Sedgwick-the Ultimate Style Icon.

Edie Sedgwick was an American actress, socialite, model and heiress.\r\n\r\nAfter a troubled youth and some years in art school she moved to NYC. Andy Warhol, New York’s most famous artist picked her up and made her into a dazzling superstar. She comes from money but ended up OD’ing on heroin. Intriguing and gorgeous girl with a fascination story. She inspired Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan and left behind a fashion legacy that still lives on today.\r\n\r\n”Edie danced to her own tune, and I imagine this is what inspired Warhol and Dylan as much as it did me,” said Galliano. “She created her own identity … She may only have had 15 minutes of fame, but her style and image influenced a whole generation.”(Dedicated one of Christian Dior’s catwalk shows to Edie’s look to the film Factory Girl.)\r\n\r\neddie zipper dresseddie smoking\r\n\r\neddie dancingeddie higheddie higheddie beautyeddie friendseddie bikini\r\n\r\nIt’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way.\r\n\r\n-Edie Sedgwick\r\n\r\n“Factory girl”\r\n\r\n (2006) starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce and Hayden Christensen.\r\n\r\nA bioepic, telling the story of Edith “Edie” Sedgwick, a 60ies fashion icon and temporary muse of pop artist Andy Warhol.\r\n\r\nArriving into the chaos of mid-60s New York, Edie (Sienna Miller) is taken under the wing of the famously deadpan artist Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce) who sees in her untamed vulnerability the makings of an irresistible muse. Warhol invites Edie into the wild world of The Factory, a former downtown hat factory he has transformed into a bohemian paradise. Here, a rag-tag mix of musicians, poets, artists, actors and misfits gather to create avant-garde movies during the day and throw glam parties all night long. Edie quickly ascends to become the star of Warhol’s movies, an idol at The Factory and a media darling. She is on top of the world when she falls in love with a larger-than-life rock star (Hayden Christensen), the man known as “the voice of a generation.” But when Edie becomes caught between Warhol’s world of sexy surfaces and her new love, she winds up rejected by both – and once again, set adrift in the modern world.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\neddie dancing2\r\n\r\nSienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick with Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan.sienna as edie sedgwick with hayden christensen as bob dylan